Crafting a complex story

Communicating a story to a broad audience has its challenges, especially when the story is so technical that most readers will struggle to understand the implications. Faced with this exact problem, USEF contacted Pyramidion and this is how we helped them communicate their message effectively.

Bringing the aggregator story to life
For the past 18 months the USEF (Universal Smart Energy Framework) foundation has been working on energy market structures that allow ‘aggregators’ to buy energy flexibility from consumers, aggregate it and then sell it to the grid. This should enable a very flexible, sustainable smart energy market that relieves grid congestion.
But it is a highly technical and complex story to tell. And with the European Commission looking at how it could regulate this topic, there was a tight window for USEF to get their story into an accessible format, that resonated with their key audience while remaining technically accurate.

“Pyramidion really worked on co-creating the story with us, rather than simply asking what it was all about. I have rarely encountered something like this and I really appreciated it.”

Emilie van Rappard

USEF foundation

Becoming a hot topic

USEF looked into the role that aggregators can play and the implementation models they can employ in the smart energy market. This has touched on a lot of technical and complex issues.

“Being right is one thing, but getting less technically astute people to know about it and understand it is another”, commented Emilie van Rappard who has worked closely with USEF to help them get across the right message. ‘Aggregators’ had also become a hot topic at the European Commission, so the need to communicate USEF’s interim result was very urgent.

“We really wanted the EU to understand we had something to offer. But our story wasn’t clear”

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