Stuart Cherry - Pyramidion


My name is Stuart Cherry and I’m an account manager / senior writer at Pyramidion.

Before joining Pyramidion, I was steeped in academia with an MPhys and PhD in theoretical physics, and a year in research. However, I realized that academic life wasn’t for me – and that writing up my research was more enjoyable than actually doing it. At Pyramidion, I get to write about all kinds of subjects, mainly revolving around the latest innovations in the healthcare, electronics and industrial sectors.

One day I might write about flexible electronics and monitoring systems for premature babies, the next might be about smart grids. I’ve even written about coffee beans and (electronic) art! Writing is a passion of mine but working at Pyramidion also allows me to stay abreast of cutting-edge developments in technology and tell my story to the broadest audience, be it techie and non-techie. It also comes in handy at pub quizzes, an added bonus!

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